Monday, 14 December 2009

Music video final

So this is my final draft of the music video, i'm not sure whether i want to make some changes or not, i'm thinking about especially at the beginning the tones i want to make the same as the opening shot,

The video has taken a lot of time to make, and this long process of about 4 months has improved my skills on editing, putting formations of continuous imagery together in a way that flows without interruption.

It consists of about 4000 photos all together, and a frame rate of 25 frames per second, (25 pictures per second). I feel now i have learnt the basics of animation and how and why it takes so long to produce such a type of video.

^ IT PLAYED :0 , so if it plays on here then thats great if not follow the steps below...

...You may just have to give it time to process and buffer..

then press play

the video is approx 5.07 minutes long

4000 pictures

25 frame rate per second.

I dont know why but for some reason my video doesnt like to play, and took at least 2 hours

to upload it on to here, however you can view my music video on 'youtube' with the link below,

i have also placed it on my flickr page buts its only the beginning on the flickr page internet is very annoying at times..

though youtube does not allow the copyright of the song so you would have to open the second link below (for the song)'colorado sunrise- 30h3!' in another tab at the same time as playing the video so that the video was in correct time with the song,

I dont know

why it has done this presumenly because the video is rather big memory, i wanted to much rather send the video on a disc as the video can be viewed on a much higher quality scale and

dont have to worry about the disruption of pixals over the internet.

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  1. Well done Jade - you have worked really hard; thank you. As the school is closed because of the snow, please ensure that you upload anything else that you can to your blog so that me and Mr Swain can access it over the break. Have a happy holiday,
    Mrs F x


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